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Making changes to your home can be made with subtle changes using items which can be found around the home for inspiration. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create a new look. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home and here are some simple tips to achieve that.

Use your family photos you have in frames around the house to create a beautiful, personalised memory wall display paying homage to the entire family. For a uniform look paint the frames in a single colour such as Black to create a polished look.  If you like the eclectic look then many different styles of frames create a great look. You can also mix the photos with some existing artwork pieces for a unique look.

If you do not have lots of artwork or photos try creating a feature wall by hanging objects on the wall like baskets, hats, records. Anything that you collect that summarises your personal style.

If you have a bookshelf or some floating shelves, rearranging them is a great way to create a fresh look or if you up to it rearranging all your décor will make your home feel completely different. Start by going through the home and grabbing all your décor and books and lay them out on your kitchen bench or dining table. Do not keep them grouped as you collected them, mix them up so you look at all the items differently. Have fun placing them in different locations to create new stories.

Change your lighting around, this could be table lamps, floor lamps or bedside lamps. You can swap the whole light, or another great option is to just change the lampshades. Try having a table lamp on console or sideboard rather than the side table or swap your floor lamp to another position. The change in direction of light will make the room feel quite different.

Hanging textiles is a wonderful and unique way to add colour to a room. Use a curtain rod to hook it onto a wall and drape the fabric over it. If you have a lightweight blanket that you have collected on your travels this is a wonderful way to display it.

If you are feeling creative and are handy with a paint brush, then painting an existing piece of furniture can quickly change how it looks especially if you paint it a colour. To keep any cost down paint shops, sell miss tints or buy a couple of sample pots.

You need to be handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread for this one or have someone who is. Cushions can be expensive so think outside the square by using what you have to create new cushions. The best options are a doona cover you may have that you like the pattern or colour of but because you may have bought a new one awhile ago its just sitting in the cupboard. Otherwise try a pair of old jeans, a t-shirt or shirt . Add a zip or some buttons for some extra feature detail.  

Take your bracelets and necklaces out of a drawer and hang them on some simple hooks or cabinetry knobs. For an extra wow factor grab an old picture frame, paint it in a colour that you like and frame the pieces. This becomes a piece of art and practical for selecting your jewellery.

Floral can be awfully expensive and especially if you want to have it regularly. Try foraging for foliage. Natural Design is so popular at the moment so go out into the garden and cut some simple branches from one of your trees and they will make a stunning statement on the kitchen bench or dining table. Collect flowers from your garden as they come into bloom, group them tightly in a small vase for impact. Even branches with no leaves can look fantastic. If you do not have the luxury of having lots of trees, then I am sure a family member or friend will.

If your up to it and have a few pairs of extra hands, rotating the furniture around in a room will create the biggest change. Try swapping your sofa with your armchairs or bringing your furniture off the wall and have a console behind it with some of your feature décor. If you have a couple of rugs in your home and they suit the overall style, then try changing the rooms they are in.

So take a weekend, grab some friends or your kids and have a weekend of transforming your home.

Catherine x


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