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Find Your Colour Inspiration

Love colour, or a simple neutral scheme, there is a palette for you. You don’t have to use all the colours in one room, use some of them as reference for bedlinen and rotate the colours throughout your home to create the perfect flow.

Cameo Blue Half
Dulux Cameo Blue Half
Silk Sox
Dulux Silk Sox
Dulux Integrity
Yellow Varnish
Dulux Yellow Varnish
Dulux Baton
White Duck Half
Dulux White Duck Half
Turner's Light
Dulux Turner's Light
Angel's Face
Dulux Angel's Face
Terracotta Chip
Dulux Terracotta Chip
Russet Tan
Dulux Russet Tan
Antarctica Lake
Dulux Antarctica Lake
Dulux Tiamo
Duck Egg Blue
Dulux Duck Egg Blue
Blind Date
Dulux Blind Date
Swamp Land
Dulux Swamp Land
Terrace White
Dulux Terrace White
Pretty Maiden
Dulux Pretty Maiden
Equatorial Forest
Dulux Equatorial Forest
Lush Hosta
Dulux Lush Hosta
Black Water
Dulux Black Water
Vivid White
Dulux Vivid White
Dulux Lexicon
Featherbed Half
Dulux Featherbed Half
Dulux Featherbed
Italian Clay
Dulux Italian Clay
Antique White U.S.A
Dulux Antique White U.S.A.
China White
Dulux China White
Dulux Cressida
Mangrove Leaf
Dulux Mangrove Leaf
Equatorial Forest
Dulux Equatorial Forest
Natural White
Dulux Natural White
Light Rice
Dulux Light Rice
Basketweave Beige
Dulux Basket Weave Beige
Dulux Dieskau
Dulux Silkwort