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We all love to have fresh flowers in the home including myself but
unfortunately this is not always possible due to the cost, the fact they really
don’t last long and that if you have animals in some instances flowers can be very poisonous to them. I always try and have fresh flowers at key occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or Special Dinners but day to day I have many artificial arrangements through our home. Now some of you might go not for me, but the quality of artificial flowers has changed so much over the last few years that in many instances it is hard to tell the difference between real and fake. We are also seeing a significant rise in 2020 of native and dried floral which last a lot longer than a fresh arrangement also and can be a great choice.

So how to make the an arrangement to suit your home, here are some simple steps to  making that perfect arrangement – Fresh, Dried or Artificial.

1. Decide on your Location

Where do you wish to have the arrangement ?. Things need to be considered at this stage, is the arrangement going to sit partially in front of another décor items like a picture or mirror ? The scale is really important, you will also need to consider the width and depth of the space as well as the height. Don’t make the arrangement too full if it is going to sit on thin console. Also think about how it will be seen, will it be visible from all angles, just the front or on the sides as well. This will assist in the process of constructing the arrangement in later steps. 

2. What Style are You 

Floral in your home should reflect the Style your already have. Think of the
colours you have throughout or colours you can highlight that will compliment the rest of the palette already there. Are you Classic, Coastal, more Industrial or Eclectic. There are flowers and greenery out there for all styles. 

3. Choose your Vase  

The vase you choose you help define your Style and will turn your
arrangement into a statement piece. Remember vases don’t have to be traditional glass, they can be ceramic, concrete, stone or wood. Go back the items discussed in point 1, you know how big the arrangement can be so the vase needs to allow for this. Consider the height of the vase and the opening – the larger the opening the more fuller the arrangement will need to be.

4. Choosing your Bouquet

Do not try and do too much with the Bouquet. Simple is definitely more
stylish. Have a hero flower, a second one if required due to the size of the
arrangement, then have a complimentary leave/stem and then some highlights with another leave/stem. Greenery is stunning on its own so don’t think you have to have lots of hero flowers to make it a beautiful arrangement.

5. Look After It

Just because they are not real doesn’t mean they don’t still need some love.
Ensure you keep the vase clean and also take the flowers out and dust them when required. Change out the hero flowers every now and then for a new fresh look.

Bringing the outside in makes a huge difference to a space, it creates warmth, makes the space inviting and creates some great focal points. Create an arrangement this weekend. 

Catherine x


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