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I love it when I come across great small businesses and they are passionate about the things that are close to my heart. We adore our pets and we want to ensure they have the best life, full of fun and love.

Recently I had the chance to talk to Angela Infantino – Director and Creator of Molly Barker a cool business that makes premium stylish dog accessories. This is a company where “Stylish Dogs and Luxury Lifestyle Collide “.

So, thanks for your time Angela so let us start with where did the name “Molly Barker” come from?

Molly is the name of my Great Dane x Labrador. And Barker was added so people could make the connection with dogs.

Have you always been involved with animals?

I have always loved animals especially dogs, but I have never worked with them or in the pet industry. 

If I could, I would have so many animals, what animals do you have at the moment?

I just have Molly at this stage. I do not know if I could handle any more pets, and to be honest, I think Molly likes being an only child and getting all my attention.

Why did you start the business, was there a moment for you?

When I got Molly, I was frustrated that I could not find any nice accessories. I did not want her things to dominate my style or home décor. Everything on the market was overly cute, cheesy or was designed purely out of necessity with little thought given to the functionality of the user. So, I set off on a journey to create a collection of innovative, high quality, and beautiful products that dog owners would love just as much as their dogs did. 

There are so many dog accessory companies out there, what makes you different to other dog accessory companies?

Our aim is not just about producing nice things for dogs. We want our customers to love our pieces as if they were purchasing items for themselves. We follow 3 main principles when designing each collection.

1.  It has to be functional for both the dog and the owner. Beautiful pieces are pointless unless they make life easier, are comfortable, and are user friendly

2. It has to be beautiful. We want our pieces to have a sense of sophistication and classic chic, so they integrate seamlessly into a luxurious lifestyle while ageing gracefully.

3. It has to be high quality. We only use premium materials so our products last. This represents value for money and ensures the safety of our customers beloved pets.

Finally, we are Australian made and owned. We believe it is important to support other Australian businesses and have our products hand made by local artisans.

When designing a space if a client has fur babies, I am straight away thinking how we can incorporate them into the space as part of the family. They deserve to have a stylish space, but it has to be incorporated into the main design of the home otherwise it is like having a small child and the house can become overrun with toys etc. What Trends in design are you seeing come through for our beloved furry friends and what are your thoughts in incorporating them into the home in a stylish way?

Neutral tones are extremely popular right now and I think that trend will stick around for a while.

You want your dog to feel happy and relaxed in your home so give them a dedicated space. Choose a dog bed that not only provides comfort but will also coordinate with your surrounding décor. Be sure to select durable fabrics such as leather, wool blends, denim, and coasted cotton so they are easy to clean and will not be destroyed by your furry friend.

Dogs come with a lot of accessories. They need a lead and collar, brush, toys, food treats, shampoo, and conditioner- the list goes on. To keep the home beautiful and clutter- free, invest in some extra storage to give everything a home. Hooks in the entryway is a great space to hang up leads and collars. Whereas gorgeous storage boxes and baskets are the perfect space saver for all those accessories you don’t want out on display.

Not Do you have a favourite item from your range?

That is a hard one because I love so many of our products for different reasons. Our Sasha Collection Gift Set will always be one of my favourites. I use every product in this set every day and even though it is a couple of years old now, it still looks so beautiful. Prior to starting my own label, I used to get so annoyed with collars and leads fraying or breaking within a few months of using them so to see our products age so beautifully and the quality stand the test of time, brings me a lot of joy.

Your Packaging is really cool, I admire companies that want their packaging to look great but are also conscious of what impact it has on the environment. Tell me about yours.

Sustainability is especially important to us. All our packaging is either recyclable, biodegradable or re-useable. Our biodegradable bags have actually become quite popular because they look great and are the perfect size to store dog treats or other items when travelling. But when it’s time to discard them, people can have comfort knowing they will completely decompose instead of piling up in landfill. By shopping with us, our consumers help reduce landfill and conserve our beautiful planet.

Tell me about your partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia

Not many people are aware that it takes two years to train just one qualified Assistance Dog and costs over $35,000. They do not receive any government funding and rely solely on the generosity and philanthropy of individuals and organisations.  Part of our mission when starting this business was to give back to our community wherever possible. So we released a collection of apparel including T-shirts and bandanas that everyone could wear to show their support while a portion of the profits is donated to Assistance Dogs Australia.  

You can view this cool range at 

Molly Barker is a great company and is passionate about dogs and how they live and have fun. We love what they stand for and that they give back to the community. Check out their website and following them on social or sign up to their blog.

This was not a paid or sponsored article; this is our genuine thoughts on a great small business.

Catherine x


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