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The Big Colour for 2021- Think Aegean-inspired azure blues and your right on track for 2021. Inspired by the advances in technology and building and the popularity of the neo – mint we saw in 2020, this blue has mass commercial appeal and will be available in many forms to feature in the home. There will be softer and more vibrant versions to cover everyone.

Metals continue in Bathrooms – We will continue to see warm metals like copper, brass and rose gold be extremely popular in fixtures and fittings within bathrooms and kitchens especially. They are chic and bring a timeless element.

Organic Materials – Natural and organic materials already have a hold in our interior loving hearts and, thankfully, they are predicted to feature in a strong way through 2021. Rattan, linen, jute and timber bring a handcrafted, artisanal feel to your space that reminds us of the natural world.

Lets add some Playful Design – 2020 has been a very serious year and for good reason however in 2021 designers want to bring a sense of fun to our homes, whether its through colour, texture or shape. It could also be from a unique sculpture, light fitting or accent chair.

The Desire for Light Woods Continues – both raw or a clear stain has definitely made its mark in 2020 and this love for natural timbers will continue. From flooring, to ceiling cladding to the core pieces within your home it makes a statement about how much we love nature and our connection to it.

Lets hang Outside – As we spend more time at home, we are going to be looking for more ways to create a space we wont want to leave or makes us feel like we are not missing out on anything. Our connect nature is front and centre as we know it does make us feel good and keeps our mental health in check. The use of large comfortable sofas and chairs with lots of planting will create the perfect personal retreat.

Old is New Again – Trends are of course cyclical so what we see seen in the past will eventually come back around. Now many will laugh when I mention “Grandmillenial Style”. This will be the new take on traditional style for 2021. All the elements that you would have seen at your Grandmas- those cosy botanical prints, matching china settings, detailed timber pieces and of course hydrangeas. This a pure nostalgic style. It still however is not over the top and cluttered.

Time to Pull Back – Some styles are full of statement pieces but in 2021 its about pairing them back to even just one statement wow piece. It will be confident and create a stunning point of interest. Think a chandelier, an accent chair, bedhead or sofa rather than them all together.

Let’s Make it – The desire for items that are locally manufactured rather than from large commercial companies will feature in 2021 and one key décor item that we will be focusing on will be ceramic vases. Earthy tones and finishes and shapes that reflect nature. These will be the perfect vessel for native floral which doesn’t seem to be slowing down as a choice for many or the other big trend in floral in 2020 – dried arrangements.

More and More Plants – The desire for plants continues especially inside our homes. From the bathroom, to the living room and even the bedroom in 2021 we will see them a feature. To create more interest patterned leaves will heavily feature and drape on shelves, bedsides and bookcases.

Hope the above gives you a little inspiration for next year

Catherine x


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