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So you have an existing bookcase or shelf that just always seems to look messy by ending up with all the left over bits, or you have bought a new book case and just don’t where to start, here are some simple tips to creating a great looking bookcase or shelf.

Some of the best décor often can come from what you already have at home. Start by going around your home collecting pieces that you have that you would like to feature plus the items that you need to have on there. Try small picture frames, vases, books and other accessories that reflect a particular style or are colours that work together.

Always start by placing the largest items on the bookshelf first, ensure you stagger the objects between shelves. Fill in the remaining spaces with the rest of your objects, adding in stacks of books or magazines and a great addition is a few potted plants for added colour and texture.

For picture-perfect looking bookcase, try to resist the urge to pack in lots of accessories on every shelf. Keep an overall clean look by choosing a one overall colour or a stunning and effective tone-on-tone scheme for key décor pieces but mix up shapes for interest.

Pieces that have special meaning to you or evoke certain memories make great bookshelf décor. Use items that you have collected from your travels or items that may have been passed down through the family. If you don’t have anything like this, try visiting flea markets or antique stores , you will definitely find items that will spark your curiosity or an emotion.

For a more dynamic display , try layering stacks of horizontal books to serve as a platform for smaller objects. To add interest to your reading materials, stacking some books horizontally and vertically. Organising books by the colour of their spines to will create a dynamic feature.

Deep bookshelves give you the luxury to play with layers throughout. Lean artwork or photos across the back of the shelves, and then place stacks of books or larger décor objects partially in front of them. Layer different heights and shapes as this will create the depth we are looking for. Not everything needs to be fully seen.

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One key piece of advise is to ensure that throughout the process you step back to assess the overall balance of your bookshelf and ensure you like what you see. Ensure the bookcase or shelf is reflective of your overall style or colour palette being used as this will enable it to be come a striking feature for you and a wonderful talking point

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