How We Became

Boho Dreamer

Here for you - Here to transform your design space

Keeping the past in mind, but always thinking of the future. This is at the back of each decision we make when it comes to designing or redesigning a space. Our company was founded in 2018, however I have been part of the design industry for over 20 years and have worked for some of Australia’s key brands.

From product development, sales, presenting local and international trends, training or designing spaces both commercial or residential my passion or mantra really is that each one of us deserves to have a beautiful space that totally reflects who we are individually or as a family and reflects a budget you are comfortable with. We come with many ideas, but we are always listening and observing our client’s needs to ensure the space reflects their desires and requirements. Design doesn’t need to be overwhelming or fearful of the cost. From the beginning stages to the final application, we are committed to guiding clients throughout the entire process.

Every design starts with an idea so we would love to hear yours. Please follow the link to place an enquiry

Beside the Sea

Getting to know us

I have always been highly creative, but I am one of the lucky ones who manages to bring both sides of their brain together daily, so I strongly relate to budgets, commercial outcomes but not forgetting design aesthetic. This can be a curse sometimes as it generally means it never stops thinking or coming up with new ideas.

Over the years I have worked for many companies putting my heart and soul into bringing the best to their business but now its my turn to do it for myself, my family and the many people I have always wanted to help. As a result Unearth Interiors was born! With my partner working on administration I am able to dedicate my time to being truly creative and engaging with our clients.

I have a passion for art, texture and floral, especially by bringing the connection of the outside in and creating spaces that just make you never want to leave. I also love animals, so I have a soft spot for making spaces to be inclusive for every member of the family. 

I am passionate about design, but design for the everyday person or companies/brands that care about the client and their experience. We all deserve to love design, the products that go with it and the experience along the way.

Inspiring and bringing design to many is food for our soul.

We Love Supporting New Products

Work with Unearth Interiors

Unearth Interiors was created to bring the design world to everyone’s doorstep. We are big believers that design products don’t need to be expensive. There is nothing better then when we find an inexpensive product that is fantastic either aesthetically, functionally or when you get the perfect item that does both. There are always times for key pieces that may cost more but not in every case. That’s why we love looking for the little treasures everyday.

Our readers will spend time on the Website and Blog daily, to learn what’s new in trends, products, materials and colour. That’s why we love collaborating with brands big and small to assist in expanding their reach. We offer a range of ways to introduce your business to our amazing readers, including advertisement space, collaborative posts and callouts on products.

If you would like to discuss advertising or collaboration opportunities, please send us a message.

Design Material Samples 

Do you have a new laminate, benchtop colour, door or cabinetry handle, brick, tile, timber or carpet, cladding material, paint colour, fabric or wallpaper?  Any material that is used internally or externally we love and are always on the hunt for new and up and coming materials. It may be a brand-new product or new technology, texture, shape or colour, in all instances we would love to see it. If we love it, we will start talking about it and playing with it in moodboards and schemes. If you have something you would love for us to see, then please send it to our address

Gifted Products and Services

At Unearth Interiors we love trying out new things that we can incorporate into our next blog or project, especially décor, bed linen and napery, artwork, dinnerware, nursery items and of course don’t forget our animals and how we can create a homely space for them.  So if you have a product or service which you think we will love and of course our readers will love we would love to hear about it & try it out for ourselves. We are always on the hunt for a bargain or handmade products and of course it doesn’t need to be large. We will always write about the things we love and can see in our lives and would of course recommend to our friends, readers and clients in their projects, so please be aware, that if we receive a gift it does not guarantee exposure through our mediums however if we love your product, you will definitely here about it. Please send them to our address