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Each year many paint companies release their paint forecasts. Over the years I have been involved in forecasting across many products and people always ask me how do you decide what is going to be in for next year. For many of us this is an ongoing process, we are thinking 3 -5 years out not just the next year. We are always searching, watching, and reading about many products and this includes far beyond the product you may be employed to develop forecasts on. The fashion, furniture, décor, and flooring industries all cross over and you will see similarities that evoke a thought towards a trend. We are inspired by other industries, tv shows, places and the environment which all assist in development of colour, texture and pattern.

This year we have seen a strong contrast in colour tones and they appear to be quite different, but at their core they all tell one story – Humanity. From wellness, to spiritual and mental health and our love hate relationship with technology.

The main takeout from this year is to embrace colours that suit your lifestyle and how you feel. We are at a place in the world where our personal sanctuary is so important for our family and our health. Colours overall have become warmer both in neutrals and richer tones. Cool colours are still popular but now they can be mixed with a warmer palette to adjust the overall feel. This shift to warmer tones will not be in and out over the next year, this warmth reflects our environment and we take comfort in these colours so they will continue to develop and shift over many years to come.

Below are some of my favourite colours from key paint companies and their forecasts for 2020.

Dulux – This year their Forecast was called Essence. Dulux every year brings out a forecast and this year is one of their best. Essence is about centring yourself, taking time to breathe and reconnect. It takes us on a personal journey of discovery that allows a sense of escapism. There are four palettes – here are some of the key colours from each palette. For further information and colours from Essence it can all be found on the Dulux website.

Taubmans – This year their Forecast was called Nurture. It represents a snap shot in time of the cultural mood and defining spirit of the nation. It reflects a collective desire to slow down, reconnect with nature and community and take time for ourselves. There are four palettes – here are some of the key colours from each palette. For further information and colours from Nurture it can all be found on the Taubmans website.

Wattyl – This year their Forecast is called Worlds Apart. As a new decade starts it is time to reflect on the last. There are two palettes and quite distinctly different. There is a constant yearning to reconnect with nature and the past as things seemed simpler back then. There however is striking contrast as the rise of digital culture continues and our interaction with screens is at its highest and there is a blurred line between the digital and real world. For further information and colours from Worlds Apart it can all be found on the Wattyl website.

As you can see there is many colour choices to see in 2020. From striking graphic tones to soothing engaging colours there will be a colour for you.


Catherine x


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