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Welcome to our first Blog at Unearth Interiors. Our hope is to bring you content on many different subjects and of course, give you hints and tips along the way but most of all we want to bring you on the journey of interior design and show you it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just remember if it does feel too much you know we are always here to assist with your project.

When I was thinking of writing my first blog there are so many topics I could have chosen from but with the world, as it is at the moment, I thought this seemed the most relevant.

As we start to get back to some normality after what you would consider an unconceivable first half of the year we have been extremely fortunate as a country and community in comparison to other countries with the COVID -19 Pandemic, however the loss of just one life was always going to be too many. I was in the East Coast up until the end of February completing a large project spending most of our time in QLD. At this point, we started to see more international news stories telling us how bad it was getting. We returned to Perth after completing our project and were due to fly back to across three weeks later. We never made this trip, our previous one would be the last time we would travel to date.

We would wake up one day to be told we should not go out, travel, engage with our friends, and loved ones outside of our house or visit our local shopping district and restaurant. For someone who does suffer with anxiety sometimes doing those things makes me anxious but being told I cannot do any of them and must stay in our home without an end date at one point made all my anxieties come back well and truly.

This started me thinking about people being in their home and their environment surrounding them. How was this making them feel? Colour can play a major impact on our emotional feelings and wellbeing. Colour Psychology has always been something I have been interested in and for many people they are extremely visual which means they will respond to the colour that is placed in front of them very quickly.

So I thought I would bring some simple insights into how colour can make you feel and suggest some great colours from Dulux. We use many companies and will over time show you lots of great colours that are available to assist you in making your next paint choice the best one for you and the feeling you want to bring to that space. You may have some favourite colours already and they could be from childhood memories or a favourite item but loving something as an individual piece as opposed to painting that colour on all the walls in a room can create a very different emotion.

So here we go…

Colours that are found outside in the wonders of nature can be the most positively healing based colours. We all love a clear blue sky, water, and grassy landscapes so we know that sky-based blues, organic greens, and watery blue/greens are the colours to gravitate to for a wonderfully calming physical wellbeing.  Colours that are slightly muted create a softer feeling and are perfect to assist in creating mental balance and reducing stress. They are also perfect for a bedroom to help promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Try These Colours for a Calming Feel

Dulux Jadeite, Dulux Powder Gum, Dulux Niche, Dulux Blue Shell

Soft pastel inspired tones with a fresh kick have made an impression as a main colour through homes in the last 12 months. These can have a calming effect but at the same time bring some liveliness and positivity to a space. I have found that a slightly dustier version works well as they do not remind me of the pastels like the sickly mint green that was used in every hospital for the past 20 years. Keep the Trim in the room in a white to assist in framing the pastel to create a fresh positive feel or paint the trim the same colour to give a seamless flow. Soothing tones like melon, lilacs, and salmons are amongst the most popular in 2020.

Try These Colours for a Fresh and Inviting Feel

Dulux Hint of Lavender, Dulux Pancake Mix, Dulux Lilac Light, Dulux Unbleached Calico

Warm colours like reds, yellows, and oranges can affect emotions depending on the level of saturation. These colours can bring a sense of happiness, comfort, optimism, and energy however on their own to many people these colours are associated with a sense of hazard or danger. By mixing them together and embracing the earthy shift we are seeing more spice versions of these colours come in. They create a wonderfully engaging palette perfect for a lounge room or dining room and will make you want to stay and get comfortable.

Try These Colours for a Warm and Inviting Feel

Dulux Fantan, Dulux Water Reed, Dulux Russet Tan, Dulux Henna Red.

Not everyone is drawn to colour, so neutrals play a big role in delivering a space that is welcoming. Neutrals provide the opportunity to be flexible with your style and layer elements so if you find your personality is someone who always wants change and is bored easily then a great neutral may be the way to go as you can add any tangible palette in when you feel the need to. A warm neutral will create an inviting space and deliver a sense of cosiness. They are also great for rooms that may not receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day. Cooler neutrals are great for fresh open spaces, they can have a slight blue or green tinge, these work well if you love a clean modern space or a layered style. Neutrals are suitable for any room and there is nothing wrong with one singular colour through the whole home, this can create a sense of security and some of the best colours palettes I have done have just been one colour.    

Try These Colours for a Calming Neutral Feel

Dulux Grey Reflection, Dulux Casper White Half, Dulux White Dune Half, Dulux Buff It

Children come in contact with colour from an early age and we use it in education. Colour affects children’s emotions and moods as it does for us so warm hues can be comforting and cooler tones can be calming. When choosing a colour for the nursery think “Sleep!” over a colour palette you love personally. Create a space that your child will feel safe in and will enjoy a restful night’s sleep.  Their playroom area can be fun and vibrant giving them the stimulation they need during the day.

Try These Colours for a Restful Nursery

Dulux Cameo Blue Half, Dulux Natural White, Dulux Foille, Dulux Duck Egg Blue

The way colour affects us is unique to each and every individual. So, ensure you seek the colours that speak to you and your personal energy positively. For more inspiration check out our Website.

Enjoy choosing your next palette of colour.

Be Safe

Catherine x


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