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Small spaces can feel like an impossible puzzle to decorate as we sometimes want to fit too much in. Sometimes less is more especially when decorating smaller spaces so that they do not feel too cramped and overpowered.  It is important fill a space with personality but not look too chaotic and cluttered. 

The use of floating shelves and wall scones next to a bed keeps the ground clear of obstacles and can create an additional space for extra storage beneath if required.

You may need a desk or dining table but space for both is an issue.  A consideration would be to install a desk or dining table which can be folded up against a wall when not in use. Also if you are wanting family and friends to stay over and do not have additional bedroom free consider the use of a murphy bed which can be folded out from a wall when required but folded away easily when not required.

Small spaces can sometimes feel dark due to small or non-existent windows.  By adding plenty of light sources in every room from the kitchen to the bedroom this can be avoided.  Depending on ceiling height you can use a pendant light or elegant flush mount with the added use of scones or table lamps room permitting to create a cosy bright atmosphere.

Mirrors are a great way of reflecting light around a room particularly if you are not blessed with a lot of natural light.  Mirrors can also help a room feel more spacious by giving the illusion of a few more square feet. Lining a wall with a large mirror or using multiple mirrors in different sizes and shapes is also worth considering.

Rugs often define and complete a space, so it is important not to skimp on size even if the room is small.  A tiny rug can make a small room feel smaller.  Always pick a rug large enough so that most of your furniture will fit on it.

Just because a room maybe small doesn’t mean it has to be all white you can use colour by adding coloured décor pieces such as cushions, rugs and wall art. Painting the walls and ceiling in a darker shade can make a space feel like a warm cosy space. When choosing a darker or lighter shade of paint use one of the other colours available on the swatch sample you selected to ensure a seamless transition of colour.

Make the use of your space by opting for furniture with storage.  By opting for a bed with built in drawers or benches and ottomans with storage you can hide away extra blankets or bedding.  Pieces such as sofa beds can provide an extra space for guests to sleep and sit. Look at the items you place in your home and if the space is looking to busy then remove and rehome to another area so that a space doesn’t become too cluttered particularly if you enjoy a more minimalistic style.

Just because you live in small home or apartment you can make the most of the space you have with some creative ideas.

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