How to Describe your Design Style to a Designer or Trade.

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Preparation is the key before you can describe your style to any design professional. Whether you preparing to work with an interior designer, landscaper, architect or kitchen designer/ manufacturer – communicating your preferences and in turn your design style will give them a clear understanding and assist in delivering the desired outcome.

To start this process which can be fun and a little addictive – gather inspiration from magazines, pictures and pins you have collected.  Research different styles via the internet so you can determine what you like and dislike. Be confident once you have decided on a style that best suits you and your family’s personality so that you can clearly explain to your design professional. Gathering all this information will better arm you to have crucial conversations with your professional.

Communication is the key so understanding your style is crucial so that you can help the professionals understand exactly what you are looking for. Create a mood board or look book using all the pictures and images that you have gathered which best portray your design style including interiors and exteriors if these are relevant. For example, if redesigning your garden then search for images of landscaping but if renovating your kitchen then search for kitchen images making sure that your choice of style is still reflecting the overall look and feel of your whole home. It is really important that your new project doesn’t become disconnected to the rest of your home. Don’t be afraid to also use images that don’t directly relate to the project but are still a great example of a specific style you love such as lifestyle, food and garden as these can be wonderful examples of colour palettes and give a professional designer a better understanding of your overall sense of style.

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Adding notes beneath photos you choose can explain exactly what it is about the photo that you would like the professional to include e.g. a colour, piece of furniture, light. Create love list checklists and not for me checklists.

Once you have made your feelings clear to the professional it is important to take a step back and trust them to bring your ideas to life. Sometimes the professional will surprise you with a creative idea that you would never have thought of but end up falling in love with.

Enjoy the process, design should be fun. For inspiration on finding your style follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and discover our Unearth your Style Section on our Website.

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