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Rover Jute Rug Armadillo & Co
Rover Jute Rug Armadillo & Co

In many instances, rugs can be the last thing people think of when finalising the design of a room however they can be an extremely powerful element. They can either complement the rest of the room or become the hero statement. Even if you are not changing out the whole room a rug can bring a new look or style very simply.  

There are so many different types of rugs, so the first most important consideration is what type of style and atmosphere you would like to create. The mistake a lot of people make is thinking that a rug needs to match everything else in the room. It does not need to, but the key is to always remember that the textures and tones should complement the other pieces surrounding it.

Now the next step, do you choose colour and pattern or not?  You need to stand back and look at the room the rug will go in and establish what role it will play within the space. If the other pieces are neutral and the walls are as well unless you really want to complete the natural picture this is your opportunity to add colour and pattern. This can bring the space to life and lift the neutral pieces at the same time. If you have pattern cushions, wallpaper or highly detailed furniture then using a solid block colour can also be a great option as it will ground the space. There is a place for pattern on pattern, you just need to be confident with the overall space as this suits the eclectic, traditional, or vintage styles.

When choosing a rug, it is important to ensure you think about how much traffic will come into the room. Low pile rugs are generally less expensive and can be easier to clean on a regular occurrence whereas a high pile is much heavier and more expensive. It will definitely feel more luxurious under your feet, but you will just need to be prepared to get the rug cleaned professionally more often. If you have a furry friend, then a low pile rug will definitely be more suitable and go for something that has a pattern or texture.

When deciding on the size of a rug there a few things to consider. Many people fall into the trap of choosing a rug that is too small for the room as they have purchased a new floor or love their existing floor and don’t want to cover it up, so they go smaller. In fact, the rug will assist in highlighting the surrounding floor and make it stand out even more. Always consider the furniture placement rather than just the actual size of the room.

If you have trouble envisaging how the rug will look size-wise the best tip, we all use is to tape out the space so you can see where the rug will start and finish. This will also determine how much will be seen and how much space do you have of the surrounding area still on show.

Here are some rugs we are loving at the moment

Quick Tips

For a large room where the furniture is floating (not against a wall) then the best rule is the rug should be big enough for all the furniture to sit on it without feeling cramped.

For really small rooms especially living spaces, a rug placed centrally under the coffee table can look great and define the seating that surrounds the rug.

For rooms where a sofa sits against a wall, the rug should sit at least under the first two legs of the sofa and any occasional chairs.

Ideally, for a dining table space, the rug should cover the table and the chairs, it’s always difficult when you pull a chair back or you are half sitting on the rug and half off.

For a queen or king bed a rug that allows the whole bed and the side tables to sit on will give a luxurious feel otherwise have the rug two thirds under the bed leaving the top third near the bedhead and the side tables free.

Rugs have the ability to complete the room, embrace the space, and bring warmth. There are many rugs to choose from and many options on how to place them. Take the time to choose the right rug for your space and ensure it reflects your personality and it will give you the chance to bring to life a space that will be uniquely yours.

Enjoy selecting your next rug

Catherine x


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