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We all forget how much we use our kitchen tap each day and how robust it really needs to be. From grabbing a drink, filling a saucepan, doing the dishes, or washing your hands the family is always using it. Of course, you want the tap to look beautiful, but it also needs to be functional due to its constant use. It pays to look for a tap which offers great functionality and is from a reputable brand as a cheaper option may not last the distance over time and constant replacements can be expensive to the hip pocket.

We have seen taps change over the years and currently the most popular tap is a mixer with a singular lever for hot and cold water. There are generally two types of taps goosenecks and pull-downs and pull-outs. Goosenecks are an extremely popular choice for buyers, but it is important to be mindful of size and scale. An extremely high curved tap may be amazing on the shelf but in a smaller kitchen the scale could be out and look completely overwhelming but larger high curved taps can look amazing on generous sized island benches becoming a beautiful design centrepiece to the space.

Here are some of our favourite gooseneck and pull down/pull out mixers :-

Many of the newer mixer taps offer the pull down or pull out hoses and can be an advantage as they are able to stretch where you need to fill up pots or rinse vegetables.  However just remember, space under the sink needs to be allowed for so that this tap can be retracted easily.

Ergonomics is also important and easily forgotten, if you have young children, are elderly or have hand mobility issues it will be difficult to use a tap that requires complete turning or gripping and partial turning. Simple single levers are a great option as they are simple to use and the motion to turn it on and off is easily activated. 

It is always a good idea to think about the finishes on your tap and how they will work with your chosen materials in the kitchen. As a starting point does the tap need to be a feature or are the cabinetry and benchtops the hero and the tap just needs to be subtle and complementary. Gone are the days where you cannot mix metals so if all the door hardware through your home and the cabinetry handles are chrome or brushed nickel you can still make a stunning statement with a brass tap.

Chrome finishes are always popular and a timeless option whereas matt black offers a more industrial or contemporary feel. However, if you are looking for elegance then gold and copper would be an excellent choice.

Next time you choose a tap absolutely ensure it looks stylish but take the take the time to ensure it meets all of your needs and will stand up to your daily life.

Catherine x


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