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Urbanised discovers where it all began with the old factories in the Industrial Revolution. Tumbled bricks, concrete tones, and raw timbers mixed with large utilitarian lights. This style is built on simplicity and defined by form and function. Rich Masculine tones are layered with beautiful aged leathered sofas, vintage furniture, and weathered look lights. Some say this style can look unfinished but this laid back driven feel is what makes it so popular.

Used in loft apartments, modern homes, and commercial spaces around the world, Urbanised design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.

The result: a “warehouse look” that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished. Over the years many design styles have incorporated the Urbanised Style into their homes through features such as stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, and vintage furniture.

Now that we have established our love for this style how do we bring it to life. Here are our top tips to creating the Urbanised Style.

Unearthed Interiors Motif

1. Its all about the Detail – In the Urbanised Style one of the signature elements is the presence of features that generally we are always trying to hide like air conditioning ducts, plumbing pipework and electrical detail. By doing this it reminds and respects the space of its history and original purpose. 

2. Bricks – Don’t  be afraid to leave brickwork exposed as this is a key feature, from the entry to a main wall in the living/dining or even as the splashback in the kitchen, brickwork brings warmth to the space and reflects the factory inspired feel. If you are building a new house you can still incorporate an exposed brick wall when you develop the design.  

3. Exposed Beams – If you have the luxury of having them in you space then definitely don’t cover them up. Leave them in their raw state as a striking feature. If you have a new build you can add a few beams to divide a room or isolate one room with beams and either use raw timber or stain them. 

4. Timber Floor – Reflective of all the old apartments and buildings timber floor where possible should be the first choice as the main flooring. Don’t choose a perfect polished look, aim for some texture, even an aged appearance and go with warmer tones like walnut. 

5. Concrete Benchtops – This is the natural choice for the benchtops in the Urbanised look. Sure a poured trowelled benchtop would be amazing but if this is not possible there are many amazing stone, porcelain and laminate benchtops that will work perfectly. Aim for a grey base tone rather than a green which used to be popular. 

6. Metals – These are key in the Urbanised Style and the great thing is you can mix them, you are not confined to just one. Try finishes like Gunmetal, Copper, Brass and Anodised Aluminium. These mix perfectly with black accents for a great blend of finishes. 

7. Lighting – By using key lighting this is the perfect way to bring this style to life. Large Utilitarian based pendants over the dining table and kitchen island helps ground the space and define the look. Try using wall lights in living rooms and bedrooms rather than bedside lamps. The use of metal, wire and rope are the perfect material choices.  

8. The Finishing Touches – When it comes to furnishing the Urbanised Style the wonderful thing with this style is everything doesn’t have to match. Mixing timbers and materials work. As a guide stay to medium to richer tones of timber and use black accents with metals. Tan, black and brown leathers for accent chairs or key sofas and a large textured rug for main living areas. Layer décor, stack books and magazines for a lived in look. There is a fine line between messy and well styled. Everything should still have a purpose when being considered. 

9. Wall Colours – If you are not a fan of colour, then when choosing a base colour use a slightly dirty white rather than fresh architectural one or a light grey is a perfect option throughout. You can keep the wall colour on the doors and trim detail or if you would like contrast then use the suggested dirty white as the trim colour with the grey. Rich colours work well in this style so if you want to add colour then look at rich greys, charcoals and navy. Don’t be afraid to paint a whole room for a statement. 

What’s important to remember with the Urbanised Style isn’t confined to people living in warehouses, this style can be easily replicated into a suburban home. Embrace the antique beauty of this style while it still delivers a modern feel. 

Urbanised Colour

Dulux Dieskau
Laminex Salvaged Planked Elm
Artedomus Porcelain Gris
Laminex Korten

Urbanised Styling

Materials We Love With The Urbanised Style

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