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Boho Dreamer

Do you consider a little bit of a dreamer and prefer to move away from conventional styles? Richly artistic and under toned by a nomadic feel the Boho Dreamer is perfect for you. There are no rules to the overall Bohemian Style, it is a melting pot of texture, pattern and timber. The Bohemian style traditionally described people who lived unconventional lives that were richly artistic and nomadic, its free forming and free loving. .

The Boho Dreamer is a coastal twist of the Bohemian Style and it begins with a paired back palette that will give you the perfect backdrop for all your personal items. The warmth of the style comes from the layering of materials and textures but is perfectly balanced with white influences throughout. The appeal of the Boho Dreamer is you get the relaxed feel of the beach with the softness and intriguing style of the Bohemian Style. 

Now that we have established our love for this style how do we bring it to life. Here are our top tips for creating the Boho Dreamer Style. 






Unearthed Interiors Motif



1. The Colour Palette – Colours for the Boho Dreamer are restrained and rely more on texture than colour. Just because you have the coastal influence doesn’t mean blues have to be introduced. Try using white, sand, light beiges, stone and very soft terracotta’s. It is all about neutrals and whites. 

2. Keep the Kitchen Simple – White, Timber and touches or Rattan are perfect for the Boho Dreamer Kitchen. This will allow it to seamless work with the surrounding rooms. Don’t get caught up in large veined benchtops as the Boho Dreamer Style is about simply elements – use a white or small fleck benchtop. Add warmth and texture to the space with chopping boards, platters and large rattan pendants over the island or dining table.  

3. Natural Textures – This is where the warmth comes in by using large natural rugs, oversized cushions, distressed furniture, rattan pendant and furniture, tassles, baskets and throws. Layering plays a big part in this style so don’t be afraid to layer more. 

4. As the style is not driven by colour one way to make this style pop and create interest is to have elements at all different eye levels. You can have baskets on the floor with a piece of artwork leaning against the wall, plants hanging from the ceiling and some simple shelves complimenting with your favourite items on. Wall hanging are also another beautiful elements to introduce. This will create visual interest without the space becoming too cluttered.

5. Have a feature master bed. A canopy bed is beautiful with this style as you can drape fabric over it , however a low line bed with large pendants on each side is also stunning. For the bed material use white, distressed or white wash timber. Lots and lots of cushions, natural linen bed linen and a large chunky throw will complete the look. 

6. Soft Window Furnishings – no heavy drapes with this style. It is all about air flow and a sense of movement. Sheer curtains in the master and main living areas and soft romans or pleated roller blinds are perfect for remaining areas. They shouldn’t be a feature so use white to fall back into the wall colour for the perfect choice. 

7. The Finishing Touches – The decor is what will bring this style to life so top of the list to introduce is rattan, weathered timber, lots of greenery, wall hangings, cushions and throws. 

What’s important to remember with the Boho Dreamer Style is that it is so inviting and comfortable. It not about making loud statements, its soft and engaging. You want to feel like you are in the perfect space to light a candle, let the sunlight in and read your favourite book with soft tunes playing in the background.

Boho Dreamer Colour

Dulux White Dune
Dulux White Dune
Dulux Natural White
Dulux Natural White
Polytec Maison Oak
Polytec Maison Oak
Fibonacci Stone Softshell
Fibonacci Stone Softshell

Boho Dreamer Styling

Materials We Love With The Boho Dreamer Style

Ombre Home Country Living Wooden Bowl Natural - Spotlight
Carved Marigold Knob - Esty
Glacier Stone White Wash Wire Brushed Oak -Smarter Timber Floors
Boho Rug - Miss Amara

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