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Beside the Sea

Generally, when you think of a Coastal look you may automatically think of blue and white stripes, anchors, and tonnes of seashells but this is actually not the case. This look and feel is actually more a Nautical style and is very different from the Coastal Style.

The Coastal style or in our case we have called it Beside the Sea is one of the most popular designs styles in the world and especially in Australia. I wonder why? We have the perfect landscape to envelop the natural environment and we are surrounded by water at our doorstep. However, if you do not live near the water like many people this does not mean you cannot bring a little piece of this paradise to your home and feel like you are on vacation.

Beside the Sea is Light, airy, has soft tones and delivers a sense of total relaxation. We love going on a beach holiday, watching the water, and sitting on the sand. The Beside the Sea Style brings the stunning tones of the oceans landscape into your home.

This style is very tactile and is all about textures. Start with sandy neutrals layered with oceanic tones in soft furnishings. Weathered timbers mixed with white pieces create the perfect partnership and a fresh white wall palette completes the style.

Now that we have established our love for this style how do we bring it to life. Here are our top tips for creating the Beside the Sea Style.      


Unearthed Interiors Motif

1. Timber – Do not be afraid to mix timbers, this is one of the styles that you can do this comfortably. Whether it is a whitewashed coffee table mixed with weathered oak chairs and a rich timber floor the Beside the Seas Style does not need to be perfect.  Think of it as a collection of timbers reflective of nature and the variances we see.

2. Cabinetry – Keep the cabinetry simple and white. If budget permits, then definitely use the Shaker profile on the cabinets but if not go for a simple laminate and pop some really interesting handles on them and also use a great tap to make a statement.

3. Flooring – Timber is the ideal flooring for the Coastal feel and do not cover it up, do not be afraid to not have a rug on the floor. If you have old boards and do not have the money to refurbish them then consider painting them in a white wood paint, they will look fantastic.

4. Panelling – Timber panelling (tongue and groove or Shiplap in the US) is one of the easiest way to change a standard home into a beach side look. Try using it on both walls and ceilings in areas throughout the home. A 100 or 150mm vertical groove is a great option or to embrace a more casual environment try having the grooves horizontal on the wall. There are many options to choose from.

5. Window Furnishings – you can’t go past sheer curtains to let the light filter in and the breeze sway them gently in the afternoon however to assist on a warm day have a white block out roller blind behind so you can pull them down and retract when not required. Shutters are also a great option and perfectly embrace the coastal feel.

6. Wall Colour – White is key in the Beside the Sea Style. It is all about a crisp white interior to assist even more in the bright fresh look we are after. It is the base to this style and one of the first decisions to be made as it will set the groundwork for other whites and neutrals to be introduced in the window treatments and soft furnishings.

7. Feature Colours – As much as you might want to add a bold blue wall which you can if you really wish, the Beside the Sea Style really is a little more subdued. Think the soft colours of the waters edge, the sand, and the dunes. Colours like Aquamarine, soft blues and greens and sandy hues are perfect.

8. Go Natural – Natural tones work beautifully with a white palette so bring the essence of outside in with natural materials like rattan, jute, wood, and linen.

Once you have embraced the Beside the Sea Style you will want to just grab a book and envelope yourself in this calming and inviting look.

Beside the Sea Colour

Dulux Cameo Blue Half
Dulux Blue Shell
Polytec Soft Walnut Ravine
CDK Stone Terrazzo Brescia

Beside the Sea Styling

Materials We Love With The Beside The Sea Style

Infinito Calcatta White Tile – Tile Boutique
Rebel Walls Mural Wallpaper - Pale Shore
Cavalier Bremworth Carpets - Transpire Colour Arise
DK1357 Knob Handle – Kethy Handles

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